День Игр в Песке

Август 11, 2018

Play in the Sand Day

It’s a beautiful summer, so take today off and go to the beach (or at least find yourself a sandbox). It’s Play in the Sand Day! So, whether you want to build a castle, bury a friend, write in it, or simply wiggle your toes in it, today’s the day.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Play_in_the_Sand_Day

? Sand [sænd]- песок; гравий
? Sandbox ['sæn(d)bɔks]- песочница 
? Build [bɪld]- сооружать, строить; возводить
? Castle ['kɑːsl] - замок; дворец
? Wiggle [wɪgl]- разг. покачивание; ёрзание