День Комиксов

Сентябрь 25, 2018

Comic Book Day

Today is a day to celebrate the popular entertainment and collector's item, the comic book.The first American comic book is seen as being Famous Funnies, which was released in 1933, although many books and comics predated it and helped lead to its creation.Superhero comics were introduced and very popular for most of this era. The Silver Age is seen as beginning with the introduction of Flash in 1956, which led to a rejuvenation in superhero comic books. The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man came about during this era, and the era lasted until sometime in the early 1970's, when the Bronze Age began, which lasted until the mid-1980's.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  ☝ #Comic_Book_Day

? Collector |kəˈlektər|- коллекционер
? Superhero |ˈsuːpərhɪroʊ|- супергерой
? Lead |liːd|- приводить, вести
? Rejuvenation |rɪˌdʒuːvəˈneɪʃən|- омоложение
? Last |læst|- длиться, продлиться