День Кузенов

Июль 24, 2018

Cousins Day 

On Cousin's Day, celebrate the children of your aunt and uncle or great aunt and great uncle also known as cousins. These are the people that helped you endure holidays and the long family get-togethers. Cousins entertain each other while the adults do their adult things. So let your cousins know how much they mean to you and how you appreciate the fun and memories you have had.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Cousins_Day 

? Cousin ['kʌz(ə)n]-двоюродный брат, кузен; двоюродная сестра, кузина
? Aunt [ɑːnt]- тётя; тётка
? Uncle |ˈʌŋkl|- дядя 
? Endure [ɪn'djuə]- вынести,длиться
? Entertain [ˌentə'teɪn]- принимать, угощать,развлекать