Curious Events Day

Curious Events Day is a time to be curious, especially about things that can be described as "curious events." These are baffling and unexplained events and occurrences that have taken place or continue to take place all around the world. Some of these things are small and personal, like knowing where all the missing socks go, or finding out why people open their mouth while applying mascara. 

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Curious_Events_Day

? Curious |ˈkjʊriəs|- любопытный, любознательный, странный, курьезный
? Baffling |ˈbæflɪŋ|-затруднительный, трудный, неблагоприятный 
? Unexplained |ˌʌnɪkˈspleɪnd|- необъясненный
? Occurrence |əˈkɜːrəns|- случай, происшествие
? Mascara |mæˈskærə|- тушь для ресниц и бровей