Assistance Dog Day

Assistance dogs improve the quality of life for countless people who live with disability or illness, and a special day celebrates these four-legged friends every year. Assistance Dog Day recognises and honours assistance dogs and their trainers, and aims to raise funds and increase awareness of the work they do.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Assistance_Dog_Day

? Assistance [ə'sɪst(ə)n(t)s]- помощь, поддержка, содействие
? Сountless ['kauntləs]- бессчётный, бесчисленный
? Disability [ˌdɪsə'bɪlətɪ]- нетрудоспособность; инвалидность
? Illness ['ɪlnəs]- болезнь, заболевание
? increase ['ɪnkriːs]- возрастание, рост; прибавление