Professional Speakers Day

The soft squeal of the microphone can belly many different feelings, but when you are there to listen to someone speak on any number of topics. So this is the day to embrace those that stand up on a stage, and speak about any topic, informing, educating and embracing the very natures they espouse. So help them celebrate Professional Speakers Day by stepping up and learning something today!

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Professional_Speakers_Day

? Speaker ['spiːkə]- говорящий,оратор, выступающий
? Squeal [skwiːl]- скрежет, скрип, вой.
? Stage [steɪʤ]- сцена,подмостки, платформа
? Topic ['tɔpɪk]- тема, предмет обсуждения, вопрос.
? Espouse [ɪs'pauz] , [es-]- поддерживать.