Pushkin Day In Russia

Pushkin Day is observed in Russia every year at the beginning of June. As it is for the English with Shakespeare, the Germans with Goethe and for the Spanish with Cervantes, so for Russians it is Pushkin who marked the beginning of our modern literature and the contemporary Russian language.
Not for nothing did Pushkin write in his short poem ‘Memorial': ‘No, I won't die as my soul will live on in a lyre even when my bodily dust rots'.

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? Contemporary [kən'temp(ə)r(ə)rɪ]- современный
? Poem ['pəuɪm]- поэма; стихотворение
? Soul[səul]- душа 
? Сherished ['ʧerɪʃt] - заветный
? Lyre ['laɪə]- лира