Keanu Reeves' birthday

The legendary actor that is Keanu Reeves turns 54 today (2 September), and not many people will find out because, well, he stays out of the limelight ‘most’ of the time. 

That’s probably because he doesn’t cause much drama, isn’t money hungry and has the sort of generosity most media outlets don’t like to regularly print. 

To put it straight, he is one of the greatest celebrity philanthropists around, and an all-round good guy.


We have prepared a few words on this topic ☝#Keanu_Reeves'_birthday


?Limelight |ˈlaɪmlaɪt|- центр внимания

?Probably |ˈprɑːbəbli|- вероятно

?Cause |kɔːz| - причина, дело

?Generosity |ˌdʒenəˈrɑːsəti|- щедрость, великодушие

?All-round |ˈɔːrl raʊnd|- многосторонний, всесторонний