The Day of Simferopol

Simferopol was founded near the Crimean city Aqmescit (Ak-Mescit, "White Mosque"), which later merged with it. The building began in the summer of Simferopol in 1784, so the date of the events to celebrate the Day of the City is considered to be the first Saturday of June. 
The main events, of course, take place in the city center. You can see concerts of music of various styles (from hard rock to classical), creative concerts and performances.

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? Found [faund] -основывать, учреждать; создавать
? Near [nɪə]- ближний, близко расположенный
? Mosque [mɔsk]- мечеть
? Building ['bɪldɪŋ]- строительство 
? Event [ɪ'vent] - мероприятие