День Ванны

Октябрь 7, 2018

Bathtub Day 

Although plumbing systems for bathing date back to around 3300 BCE, the earliest found bathtub dates to about 1700 BCE, and was found in Crete. Some sources claim that the first modern bathtub was invented in 1828, possibly even on Bathtub Day, but most likely that is a based on a made up story from H.L. Mencken. Bathtubs can be either built-in, sunken, or free standing, and many are made from bonding porcelain enamel on cast iron, a process that was started in the 1880's. 

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Bathtub_Day 

? Bathtub |ˈbæθtʌb|- ванна
? Plumbing |ˈplʌmɪŋ|- водопровод, водопроводная система
? Source |sɔːrs|- источник
? Claim |kleɪm|- утверждение
? Sunken |ˈsʌŋkən|- затонувший,впалый, запавший, погруженный