День Знаний 2018

Сентябрь 1, 2018

Knowledge Day

Knowledge Day, often simply called 1 September, is the day when the school year traditionally starts in Russia and many other former Soviet republics.

The day also involves the First Bell where a first grade girl is lifted on the shoulders of a 11th grade male pupil, and paraded around, ringing the first bell of the school year. Students in other grades may begin studies on September 1 or a few days later, usually without any special festivities.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Knowledge_Day

? Knowledge амер. |ˈnɑːlɪdʒ|; брит. |ˈnɒlɪdʒ|- знание, знания.
? Bell |bel|- звонок
? Grade |ɡreɪd|- класс
? Parade |pəˈreɪd|- шествовать
? Festivities |feˈstɪvətiz|-торжества, празднества