When you are happy, the world of which you are part is happy. When you are at peace, the world of which you are part is at peace. Bringing peace to the world through you is about setting an example, being the goodness, the light and the caring that the world always needs more of. 

1. Take out your diary, a notebook, or a journal. List down all of the bad and good qualities you consider form part of who you are. List down the ways in which you feel you might do well to improve. Highlight the good qualities and talents that are already obvious. Do both lists with humility and a certainty that improvement is always possible in every respect. 

2. Live in the moment. Remember the phrase "the present is called present, as it is a gift indeed". The present moment does not cause the trouble; troubles rest in the past or form while worrying about future. It is in carrying the burdens from past matters and forming the anxiety about possible future hardships that unhappiness grows. The best approach for the present is to concentrate on your breathing, the fact of being right now, and to tell yourself that things will be okay; these will help you to stay present all the time. 

3. Be thankful for everything you have. This means acknowledging such important parts of your life, such as your health, your family, your friends, your tasks, your mind, your strengths and your existence. Aim to see what is good in your life and be thankful that you are here now. Even be thankful for the struggles that show you your strengths and the possibilities of what could be when you reach the other side. Help others to see the value of gratitude and the realization that what they have is worthwhile. 

4. Help others see that letting go is healthy. Don't try to control things, mess with people's lives or offer your opinions out of place. Let things be, observe more and don't allow the toxic messages of negative people to reside in your head. Whether such persons rule your mind or not is a personal choice but peace comes from not letting other people determine your course in life, so let go of their demands and expectations. Give others the hope they need that letting go is a good deed, not an impossibility, by sharing your stories of strength. 

5. Spend time with people you love. Recognize how much they have to offer you—kindness, support, a listening ear, and love. Think of love as an action, and do things that demonstrate your constant, unconditional love. It's okay not to be around people who bring you down. Their bad moods are not your responsibility, and you don't need to stay with someone who drags you down. 

6. Take time to relax. Balancing your life is important, and time spent resting and enjoying yourself is important to maintain your mental health. Set aside time each day to do things you love, either by yourself or with people who make you feel relaxed. 

7. Be your authentic self. Stay true to who you are, and work on loving yourself with all your quirks and foibles. Accept your identity (feminine, nerdy, bisexual) and your body (chubby, freckled, disabled, nearsighted). Rather than trying to minimize your faults, work on celebrating yourself and being the best possible version of you. 

8. Realise that when you are content and at peace, you make others content as well. If this keeps passing on and on, the entire world would be a happy place, bringing peace to it. World peace comes from you.