International Bat Night

Bats have many places in literature and history, and serve roles both dark and hilarious depending on where you find them. Probably the most common association with the bat is with vampires, but there is also the fun-loving bat from Ferngully (Batty Coda) along with a host of other characters from literature and cinema. But bats have an important role to play in our eco-system, and some of them are becoming endangered. 

We have prepared a few words on this topic #International_Bat_Night

? Bat |bæt|- летучая мышь
? Dark |dɑːrk|- темный, черный, мрачный
? Hilarious |hɪˈleriəs|- веселый, шумный
? Host |hoʊst|- множество
? Сharacter |ˈkærəktər|- характер, символ, персонаж