Stick out Your Tongue Day

All our lives we've been taught that it's not polite to stick our tongue out at people. But today we get a free pass because it's 'Stick out Your Tongue Day.' So if you've been waiting for an excuse to show your boss just how you feel or give the bratty kid next door a taste of his own medicine, now's your chance.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Stick_out_Your_Tongue_Day

? Stick out |stɪk|- высовываться; торчать,выставлять наружу
? Tongue [tʌŋ]- язык
? Taught [tɔːt]- учить
? Excuse [ɪk'skjuːs]- повод
? Bratty ['bætɪ]- сумасшедший