World Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day is celebrated annually on the 21st September. The celebration of Gratitude Day allows both individual citizens and organisations within wider society to celebrate the broad meaning of gratitude in a variety of ways.

The awareness of the benefits of having time in one’s life for gratitude, appreciation and positive reflection have become increasingly apparent. The hope of the founders of Gratitude Day is that by taking time, one day a year, to reflect on the many amazing things we have in our lives, it would positively impact our well-being and make us happier, more contented people.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #World_Gratitude_Day

? Gratitude |ˈɡrætɪtuːd|- благодарность, признательность
? Allow |əˈlaʊ|- позволять, допускать, разрешать, предоставлять, давать
? Increasingly |ɪnˈkriːsɪŋli| - все больше и больше
? Apparent |əˈpærənt|- очевидный, видимый
? Founder |ˈfaʊndər|- основатель, учредитель