World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day was first established in 1897, when the link between mosquitos and malaria transmission was discovered by Sir Ronald Ross. It aims to raise awareness about the causes of malaria and how it can be prevented, as well as fundraising for research into the cure of malaria. It is also a salute to the groundbreaking work of Sir Ross and scientists who have followed him.

We have prepared a few words on this topic # World_Mosquito_Day

? Mosquito [mɔs'kiːtəu]- комар (лат. Culicidae),москит (лат. Phlebotomidae)
? Link [lɪŋk]- связь; соединение
? Malaria [mə'leərɪə]- малярия
? Сauses [kɔːz]- причина, основание
? fundraising ['fʌndˌreɪzɪŋ]- сбор денег