Global Hug Your Kids Day

Global Hug Your Kids Day is a day you can get your arms around. The purpose of this day is simple...... give your kids a hug or two, so they know you love them. Use a hug to let them enjoy the comfort, safety, and security that a hug provides. Your kids are precious, and should never be taken for granted. Express your love with hugs.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Global_Hug_Your_Kids_Day

? Hug [hʌg]- крепко обнимать, сжимать в объятиях 

? Arm |ɑːrm|- рука
? Safety ['seɪftɪ]- безопасность
? Security [sɪ'kjuərətɪ]- безопасность
? Precious ['preʃəs]- драгоценный