World Oceans Day

The oceans are essential to food security and the health and survival of all life, power our climate and are a critical part of the biosphere. The official designation of World Oceans Day is an opportunity to raise global awareness of the current challenges faced by the international community in connection with the oceans.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #World_Oceans_Day

? Ocean ['əuʃ(ə)n]- океан; the ocean- (мировой) океан.
? Essential [ɪ'sen(t)ʃ(ə)l]- важнейший; необходимый;
? Survival [sə'vaɪv(ə)l] - выживание
? Сlimate ['klaɪmət]- климат
? Biosphere ['baɪəsfɪə]- биосфера