World Porridge Day

There’s a rich and delicious food that’s made from that most healthful of grains, Oats. It’s warm and filling thick and toothsome, and is the foundation of breakfast for people all over the world. But where did Porridge originally come from? Well, World Porridge Day celebrates the history and origins of this rich and delicious breakfast, and all of the health benefits they bring to those who indulge in them. Come with us as we explore the origins of this dish, and how it’s gone out to change the world and bring health and flavor to people everywhere.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #World_Porridge_Day

? Porridge ['pɔrɪʤ]- (овсяная) каша
? Grain [greɪn]- зерно; хлебные злаки; крупа
? Oat [əut]- овсяное зерно; овсяная крупа
? Toothsome ['tuːθsəm]- приятный на вкус
? Indulge [ɪn'dʌlʤ]- доставлять удовольствие, радовать