World Teachers Day

Teachers’ Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of the role played by teachers all over the world. The responsibility for educating future generations is not a light one by any means, so show your support for these dedicated and important people not just on Teachers’ Day, but throughout the whole year.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #World_Teachers_Day

? Raise |reɪz|- повышение, увеличение, подъем
? Importance |ɪmˈpɔːrtns| - важность, значение
? Responsibility |rɪˌspɑːnsəˈbɪləti|- ответственность, обязанность
? Educating |ˈedʒʊkeɪtɪŋ|- Обучение
? Throughout |θruːˈaʊt|- по всему, через, в продолжение.