World Farm Animals Day

 The World Farm Animals movement designated 2nd October as a worldwide annual protest against factory farms and slaughterhouses to voice their discontent regarding the abject and cruel slaughter of animals for consumption. An approximate of 58 billion animals are killed in the factory farms and slaughterhouses worldwide to produce meat, eggs, and dairy. World Farm Animals Day works to reveal mourn, and honor the tortuous suffering and death of cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other animals raised primarily for food.


We have prepared a few words on this topic



?Farm |fɑːrm|- ферма, хозяйство, хутор, сельскохозяйственный

?Factory |ˈfæktri|- завод, фабрика, фактория, заводской, фабричный

?Slaughterhouse |ˈslɔːtərhaʊs| - бойня, скотобойня

?Dairy |ˈderi|- молочный, молочная

?Turkey |ˈtɜːrki|- индейка, индюк