День Десерта

Октябрь 14, 2018

Dessert Day

"If you must choose between dinner and dessert. Eat dessert first you can always eat dinner later or pack it up and take it home." 

So, What is more fun than making dinner or lunch? Dessert. It can be made with all things that are sweet and juicy or tart and sour and can come out in ways that are warm and soft, flavorful and crunchy, but it’s always delicious. You can indulge dessert with a range of hocolates, candy, or pastries, cakes, and cupcakes, and what about tarts and pies? Preparing them can make the wait for them all the sweeter, or you can grab a pudding or two on the go just to make the day that much brighter. Dessert Day is your excuse to indulge in your favorite treats.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Dessert_Day

? Juicy ['ʤuːsɪ]- сочный, спелый
? Tart [tɑːt]- пирог (с фруктами, ягодами или вареньем), домашний торт фруктовое пирожное; пирожок с открытой фруктовой начинкой
? Sour['sauə]- кислый, кисловатый
? Pastry ['peɪstrɪ]- выпечка, мучные кондитерские изделия
? Pudding['pudɪŋ]- пудинг, запеканка