Train Your Brain Day

"Your strongest muscle & worst enemy is your mind. Train it well. "

Every day we have one “muscle” that can’t be taken away from us, it shapes everything we do and how we experience the world around us. In actuality, it isn’t an actual muscle, but it is easily more powerful than even the strongest muscle. Our mind can make us sick, or make us well, it can drive us to see deception and paranoia in the actions of others, or simply other humans just trying to get along in life. Train Your Brain Day recognizes the power of the mind, and how training it to be positive can change our lives as a whole.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Train_Your_Brain_Day

? Brain[breɪn]- мозг
? Enemy['enəmɪ]- враг
? Mind[maɪnd]- разум
? Deception[dɪ'sepʃ(ə)n]- обман, жульничество; ложь
? Paranoia[ˌpærə'nɔɪə]- 
паранойя, параноидная шизофрения