День Лошади

Июль 15, 2018

Horses Day

With over 200 breeds, these spirited animals have given humans much to love. Their loyalty and devotion throughout history may only be a portion of the reasons to love them. Not just a means of transportation, horses cleared fields, fought wars, moved cattle and were companions on long lonely trails. They were a cornerstone to survival in a burgeoning nation.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Horses_Day

? Breed [briːd]- порода
? Spirited ['spɪrɪtɪd]- энергичный
? Devotion [dɪ'vəuʃ(ə)n]- преданность
? Portion ['pɔːʃ(ə)n]- порция
? Cornerstone |ˈkɔːrnərstoʊn|- краеугольный камень